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Covid-19: measures for safety in the structure

General rules

  • Compliance with health safety protocols
  • Compulsory mask for staff and guests
  • Disinfectant gel in common areas
  • Thermometer available
  • Separate entry and exit
  • Common areas sanitized
  • Nearest pharmacy at 900 meters
  • Emergency room closest to 1.2 km
  • Temperature measurement at check-in
  • Physical distancing
  • Contactless secure check-in and check-out
  • Secure contactless payments
  • Protective plexiglass between staff and guests


  • Use of specific detergents and disinfectants
  • Sanitized accommodation between stays
  • Sanitized linen with specific products


  • Physical distancing of the restaurant area
  • Sanitation of tables / chairs
  • Sterilized dishes
Offers <p><strong>General rules</strong></p>
<li>Compliance with health safety protocols</li>
<li>Compulsory mask for staff and guests</li>
<li>Disinfectant gel in common areas</li>
<li>Thermometer available</li>
<li>Separate entry and exit</li>
<li>Common areas sanitized</li>
<li>Nearest pharmacy at 900 meters</li>
<li>Emergency room closest to 1.2 km</li>
<li>Temperature measurement at check-in</li>
<li>Physical distancing</li>
<li>Contactless secure check-in and check-out</li>
<li>Secure contactless payments</li>
<li>Protective plexiglass between staff and guests</li>
<li>Use of specific detergents and disinfectants</li>
<li>Sanitized accommodation between stays</li>
<li>Sanitized linen with specific products</li>
<li>Physical distancing of the restaurant area</li>
<li>Sanitation of tables / chairs</li>
<li>Sterilized dishes</li>
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